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“Sometimes we take our practice so seriously. We think in terms of “my progress,” shortsighted to the gathering power of awareness and the universe in which progress is happening. We lost sight of the joy of our growth. But the expansiveness which comes with understanding creates a lightness that sees beyond all our self-centered attempts to overcome the imagined self.

“When we’re ‘working hard on ourselves,’ we sometimes push away our easy mind, our happiness at being on the path in the first place. We lose the sense of our absurdity which can serve as a balance to the seriousness of our practice. When we lose that openness to the cosmic humour of it all, we lose perspective. We become the rooster who thinks his crowing makes the sun come up each morning. We think it is ‘me’ beating ’the ego’ rather than appreciating the universe coming home to itself.  The whole melodrama of our attempts at capturing freedom benefits greatly by the balance a well-developed sense of the absurd allows the mind. Indeed it is said that the angels can fly ‘cause they take themselves lightly. A bit of aerodynamics it is well for all of us to remember 

“It’s the cosmic face, that unknown newness which keeps us right on the edge of our seats. It’s the deep, caring laughter of a non-interfering awareness, which watches as we try to figure out the cosmos with the rational mind, which is something like the tail trying to wag the dog. Staying light in the face of truths that appear to contradict each other, maintains respect for the natural unfolding of things, without trying to control the flow. 

“We maintain our practice, our investigation of what seems real, even when we come face to face with the seeming contradiction of its paradoxes, and know all we can do is take one breath at a time and watch what comes next.” 


Stephen Levine — A Gradual Awakening.


I fucking love this quote. 

"The universe coming home to itself." 
Every step on the path is the universe coming home to itself. 
Holy shit. 

"angels can fly cause they take themselves lightly"

"trying to figure out the cosmos with a rational mind
is like the tail trying to wag the dog.”

this man deserves a rousing applause. 
thank you Stephen Levine for making me laugh out loud with delight several times today
I love analogies, and this guy nails ‘em. 

I also love really long practices then cooking dinner and listening to music I just discovered which is what I spent my evening doing
I love beautiful weird things
and I love weird strange people who tell good stories
I love things that make me laugh or fill me with awe
so many things to love

life is so full of light
even the twisted bits 

twisted light
just needs to unravel

go unravel
do your practice



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