“Few of us are willing to face the enormity of the task, and none of us can complete it until we have learned to connect every day to the ultimate resource inside us. If we allow that resource to permeate our existence as a flow of creative energy, we enter into a state where that energy can flow, purifying our hearts and minds, our relationships and actions. Then instead of a destructive event we have one that is a kind of rebirth. Such an experience, after a few times, instills in us a profound sense of confidence. 

“This is in no way the same thing as arrogance. We also recognize that many highly improbable things can occur, so our experience does not allow us to become arrogant. We have seen the improbable happen too many times. We can, however, be steady, quiet, and at peace. We can recognize an elegance that manifests as a continuous sense of rebirth. At the same time we experience an extension in our range of self-expression  that lies within the deepest heart of a human being. When this is so, it does not matter what difficulty arises. Each such moment is also the occasion for quiet, stability, and steadiness. 

“None of this means that tensions ever go away. There is an endless supply that will continue to be present throughout our lives. What does happen, however, is that these tensions no longer provoke any kind of discharge from us, nor do they inhibit our field of function. This is important, because in many people’s minds, discharge and release are synonymous. So we take one day at a time and make the effort to avoid getting caught up in all the things that represent opportunities for tension, doubt, and entanglement. 

“Given how quickly agitation can flare up, we become observant of ourselves, and simple and clear about our work, so that we become better able to transcend these tensions on a daily basis. Only by dealing successfully with our own nonsense over and over again to the point where it takes not two hundred years but just four seconds will we ever develop the capacity to help anyone else resolve their confusions.” 


Swami Chetananda — Dynamic Stillness


I love the idea that the improbable events in our lives, 
the ones that blindside us at times
and cause us to redirect, reconfigure
are a call to be steady, quiet, and at peace
that there is elegance in rebirth
though it can present as messy, guttural, death and destruction
but eventually
the smell of rotting leaves indicating a healthy forest floor starts to become enticing
an elegance in the messiness
connecting to the infinite resource within you
to steep in clarity and integrity in your relationships, your work, your life
unlocking creative flow
elegance in rebirth 

yesterday was Beltane
pagan sabbath celebrating fertility, abundance, sensuality, rebirth, sexuality, creativity, love
last night and tonight are times to revel in your creative capacity
your sensuality
to ask yourself what rebirth is starting to emerge in your life
to bask in pleasure and love

there is an infinite creative force within you
all the tension in your life is an invitation to tap into that
to find elegance in rebirth

fuck i love that 

and I love you!