Unplug, Dive in, Break free.
Nestled in the Jungle, at the edge of the Ocean, this Fall we will embark on a journey towards personal freedom, enrichment, connection. Ten days in paradise, with like-minded people, guided practice, delicious food, and adventure. With the intent to dive deeply into sacred practice, exploration of inner landscapes, and nourishing every level of our beings, you can expect this retreat to be a profound moment of growth, transformation, and beauty.

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Have you felt the call for a deeper way of living? Is your heart broken over the state of the world right now? Are you looking for a place to heal, to grow strong, to have hope in the goodness of others again? Come. This is for you. A retreat to one of the most beautiful places in the world to connect with like-minded humans. Together we will evoke vibrancy, remember beauty and truth, give rise to strength and evolution. The world needs you desperately. To be fully alive, heart-full, walking the path. Join us this fall for ten days of joy, challenge, adventure, and healing.


Limited time offer!! 10% off total cost of retreat if you pay in full

From the full moon (aug 15) to the New Moon (AUG 30)

Where: Bali, Indonesia
When: October 30th - November 9th, 2019
How much: $2100 CAD
What that gets you: Ten nights accommodation at a luxury resort
                                   Breakfast and Lunch (Dinner is up to you to stay in the resort or go explore)
                                   Yoga Intensives Everyday
                                   Guided Ritual, Contemplative practices, and Meditation
                                   Adventures to Waterfalls and Ancient Temples
                                   Personal guidance and counselling
                                   A damn good time. 
                                   *** Flights are not included

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How: E-transfer or Paypal. Email kristamariestarr@gmail.com for inquiries or questions. Upon registration there will be a questionaire to fill out to get to know you, your journey, dietary requirements, and personal intentions a little deeper. Deposit of 30% is required to secure your spot while is non-refundable. Payment plans are available!

Details: Closer to the date there will be an info sheet with packing suggestions, details about location and how to get there, some journalling questions to prep you for the deeper work the retreat will offer, and other relevant tid-bits that you'll need to know before arrival. 



Across the globe, cultures, and spiritual paths, the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water have been deeply influential in understanding ourselves, nature, the divine. From pagan circles that call in the directions East, South, West, North which have corresponding elements & energetics, to Ayurveda and Chinese medicine which use the elements as a way to understand health, well-being, and guide us in making life-style choices. Pythagorus referenced them as the indivisible particles that constructs the universe and coined the term ‘atom’ for the first time and Gautama the Buddha called them Kalapas, the smallest units of physical matter that we can have direct experience with in meditation. Using the elements as a base line to delve into personal growth and deep embodiment practices, the retreats I am offering next year will offer curriculum, excursions, movement, philosophy, and spiritual work. Come to explore some of the worlds most beautiful and sacred places, while learning about yourself, connecting with like-spirited people, nourishing yourself deeply, and having glorious adventures.


Those who want to take their practice to a deeper level. Not just physically, but down to the depths of their being. 
Those who are curious about exploring wild landscapes, both external and internal.
Those who long for adventure and elevated beauty in their lives.
Those who have a movement practice in their lives already, be it yoga practice or otherwise, and want to expand their body awareness, gain strength and flexibility, and find freedom in movement.

If you fit into any of those descriptions, email kristamariestarr@gmail.com for further inquires and/or registration.
Much love.

In recognition of privilege and power, if you’re Indigenous, Trans, Black, a person of colour, or a single parent there will always be a sliding scale for any retreat, workshop, or class that I host. Just shoot me an email at kristamariestarr@gmail.com and I’ll send you a code to use or otherwise help in any way. xo

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